Nostalgia Women’s Debut to Breckenridge

The Women’s Group trip to Breckenridge was awesome!

Trip coordinated by Jessica Andrews and Gloria Cruz, Case Managers

Earlier this winter, Nostalgia sponsored its first all women’s expedition into the Rockies.  Setting up home base at Breckenridge Ski Area, they stayed at a luxurious, slope side condo  located just below PEAK 8 .  The glacial  mountain peaks were absolutely stunning, with alpine skiers carving s-turns just outside the window throughout the day.  We prepared scrumptious and nutritious family style breakfasts and dinners,  and later convened each night around the fireplace for hot chocolate, stories and shared experiences.   Although the weather was snowy and cold,  we managed to shop the beautiful historic main street of Breckenridge until we dropped.

Ice Castles at Silverthorne

North of Breckenridge, in Silverthorne, we explored the outrageous “Ice Castles at Silverthorne,” which had massive ice tunnels, towers, arches and other ice formations.  Three-hundred-and-sixty-thousand illuminants of light are emitted from the formation after dark.  It was a sight to see with the silhouette of the Rocky Mountains in the background!

The Motown Museum of Detroit was holding an exhibit in Breckenridge featuring the art of urban artist ROKO (Tony Roko). “His art brings a unique vision of beauty to the gritty urban lifestyle.” The women were fascinated by the display and it introduced them to an experience they had never had before. They also enjoyed the exhibit owner’s beautiful dog and the women couldn’t stop providing the dog with loving attention.

We had mountain pizza for lunch in downtown Breckenridge and it was delicious!  Everyone enjoyed each other’s company and we had a lot of laughs throughout our conversation during lunch.

The trip was a true adventure! The comradely amongst the women was fantastic!!

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